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GASMOD Version 7.0 - Steady State Gas Pipeline Hydraulic Simulation

In this method, objects such as pipe segments, valves, compressor stations and other devices may be selected from a toolbox and dropped on a drawing canvas.

These objects can be connected with pipe segments to form the pipeline system.


Gasprop calculates the physical and thermodynamic properties of a natural gas mixture, given the compositional data. You can input the mole percentage composition of each component in the natural gas mixture, such as 85% methane, 10% ethane, etc. and Gasprop will calculate the apparent molecular weight and gravity (relative to air =1.00) of the natural gas mixture, along with other properties such as viscosity, specific heats, Cp and Cv, the ratio Cp/Cv, and the Compressibility factor Z at a specified temperature and pressure. The latter can be calculated using one of the various methods, such as Standing and Katz, AGA method, etc. The built-in database of gas component properties can also be updated by the user.

GPIPE (Also known as GASMOD LIte)

GPIPE is a hydraulic simulation software for gas pipelines. This is a scaled down version of GASMOD described above. Up to 10 compressor stations can be modeled. hair extensions uk

GPIPE is a steady state, thermal hydraulic simulation program for gas pipelines. Several compressor stations along the pipeline can be modeled,


GraphPlot can be used to plot multiple graphs of engineering, scientific or business data. Curve fitting and interpolation may be performed. There would be one independent variable X and a maximum of 5 dependant variables Y, Z, R, S and T. In addition to plotting the various graphs, the program will also create a polynomial curve fit routine (maximum degree of 5 that is user selectable) for each of the dependent variables, as follows: Y = a0 + a1*X + a2*X2 + a3*X3 + a4*X4 + a5*X5


The program also converts specific gravity to API gravity and vice versa, viscosity from centipoises, SSU and SSF to centistokes. It calcul

LIQPROP® is a software program for calculating the specific gravity, viscosity, bulk modulus and compressibility factors of petroleum products at various temperatures and pressures. human hair wigs

LIQTHERM Version 7.0 - Graphical Pipeline Model Creation

In LIQTHERM Version 7.0, the pipeline model may be created graphically using a drag and drop approach. In this method, objects such as pipe segments, valves, tanks, pump stations and other devices

LPIPE (Also known as Liqtherm Lite)

LPIPE ( aka LIQTHERM-Lite) is a steady state, hydraulic simulation software for liquid pipelines under isothermal (constant temperature) flow.

It is a scaled-down version of the LIQTHERM software. Multiple pump stations (Maximum of 10 pump stations ) along the pipeline with pumps in series or parallel at


QPCalc can be used for quickly calculating the pressure drop in a pipe segment. Valves, fitting and custom pressure drop devices can be included. Use QPCalc to determine pressure drops in plant piping consisting of pipe segments, block valves, control valves, filters, strainers etc. All K-factors and equivalent lengths of valves, fittings...

QPCalc - Gas

QPCalc for Gas can be used for quickly calculating the isothermal pressure drop or flow rate in a pipe segment. English and SI-Metric units are handled.

First the units of calculations are chosen using the menu item Options/Units. The demo version will run only in


PUMPCALC is a Centrifugal Pump Analysis program. It can be used to predict the performance of one or more centrifugal pumps, at various impeller sizes, speeds and series or parallel configurations.
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